Believe In The Magic

Gale Buck, the current heir to the lineage, is a writer, musician and storyteller. When he weaves the tales of Christmas Magic, Campfire Stories, or Stories of the Heart you will find yourself lost in a magical mixture of truth and legend that could change your life.

The Magic of Believing is told in Two Presentations:

The Magic of Christmas - what is there about Christmastime that is SO Magical? Find out how to carry this Magic throughout the year. Meet Saint Nicholas as you have never seen him before. Let the magic of storytelling take you on a magical sleigh ride that will open your eyes to wonders that surround you everyday.

A Day with Santa - learn some of the secrets of Santa (he has given me permission to tell), his special reindeer, the incredible sleigh, his favorite drink, and how to recognize Saint Nicholas without the "red suit". To hear a story from the world of Santa's Woodsman click HERE

Both presentations include a brief history of The Woodsman Tradition, the gift Nicholas loves to give, and a special gift only the current heir to the lineage can give.

But the magic is not limited to stories. A simple visit, a chance to chat and talk with Santa's Woodsman will always leave you wanting more. More of what? More of what we have lost in our hectic, over booked, runaroundcrazy lives. A visit with The Woodsman is a pause in the chaos and a breath of peace.

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