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Jonathon Syzmoor, orphaned at the age of eleven in early 1800s Scandinavia, left his home to get an education. Returning home six years later he made an uncommon contract with the richest man in town. After one year Jonathon held the seat of power and married his soul-mate, the daughter of his former boss and new partner. Tragedy struck again when his wife and partner both died. Jonathon immersed himself in business, ignoring his daughter and his family. Awakened from his soulless world by the generosity of his grandson Jonathon tried to repair the damage done by twenty-four years of neglect. On a cold winter night he made another agreement, this time with a man in a long red cape. This agreement changed his life and has effected the lives of countless others ever since.

Thus the lineage of The Woodsmen and their partnership with Saint Nicholas began. Extending over one hundred and fifty years, covering Northern Europe and The United States twelve men and women have continued the partnership Jonathon began as we strive to quietly serve the requests of Nicholas.

Nicholas of Patara . . . the Bishop of Myra . . . Saint Nicholas . . .known to most as Santa Claus continues to help people every day with the assistance of his Woodsmen. Each Woodsman brought a different mix of talents, abilities and gifts and each found a different way to serve. Some have provided food and clothing, some have helped people start new lives. Nicholas has seen to the repair of communities in trouble through his Woodsmen and lifted our spirits so we can all find the True Meaning and Magic of Christmas.

The Woodsman's Tale
The Woodsman's Tale
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